Show Trial

After the receipt of a number of complaints, one of which is understood to have come from the founder of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Lord Sheikh, it seems that some in the Tory Party, with motives of their own, are gunning for Boris Johnson and all for expressing an opinion that many ordinary people are thinking. Jacob Rees-Mogg has denounced what he calls a Tory ‘show trial’ of Boris Johnson.
Meanwhile this is distracting attention from the real crisis in the Labour Party over anti-semitism.

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Blogging again

Well here I am, back on t’interweb blogging away after a long absence.
I will be commenting on a wide range of subjects including, politics, religion, freedom, liberty, and free speech. Be warned if you are offended by my blog posts, especially if you are a religious nut job, I reserve the right to offend.

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Burka Ban

Three cheers for Boris Johnson BoJo is only expressing what most ordinary folk think. Denmark has joined several other European countries in banning garments that cover the face, including Islamic veils such as the niqab and burqa, whereas Boris was arguing against a blanket ban on burkas in the UK!
What’s the matter with Muslims, especially the self appointed (all male) Muslim Council of Britain who get offended at the least criticism of their religion.
In the UK we have free speech; and free speech, by definition, includes the fact that some people will be offended by what we say, and that includes criticism of religion.

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