An anomaly

A random blood test in April this year discovered an ‘anomaly’. My GP suggested a referral to a haematologist due to an abnormally high amount of white blood cells in my bloodstream, suggestive of some kind of infection. I was subsequently diagnosed with T-prolymphocytic leukaemia. Given six months to live if I declined any treatment, I decided to submit to a sixteen week, three times a week, regime. The treatment was an intravenous infusion of ‘Alemtuzamab’ otherwise known as ‘MabCampath’.

After eighteen weeks of treatment my white blood cell count is down to normal, but my immune system is at rock bottom. A CT scan followed, then after blood tests I see my consultant at the end of September.

Coming soon after two heart operations in 2016 followed by a resection of the prostate I’m still alive and have just made my eightieth birthday. Happy days!

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